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The complete guide for Automotive Digital Marketing will show you how to use, create,establish and develop your Automotive business online in 10 days!


  • THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DIGITAL MARKETING FOR AUTOMOTIVE MANAGERS 2014 2014 Edition Published: March 2014 Published by: Salvatore Thomas Carb Version 1.0 Copyright 2014 Salvatore Thomas Carb
  • Table of Contents Credits and copyright_________________________________ Before we start______________________________________ How to use this guide ________________________________ ! STEP 1: GET YOUR MIND ON DIGITAL MODE________________ Day 1 - Automotive is online____________________________ Day 2- Lets focus_____________________________________ Day 3- Business Timing ________________________________ STEP 2: TOOLS AND GOALS_____________________________ Day 4- The Automotive Digital Marketing Scheme___________ Day 5- One goal more tools_____________________________ Day 6- The Automotive Digital Marketing Traffic Generators___ Day 7- The Automotive Digital Marketing Landing Pages______ Day 8- The Automotive Digital Marketing Conversion Makers__ STEP 3: DIGITAL STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT________________ Day 9- Create your Digital Marketing Paths_________________ Day 10- Check your tools and work hard! __________________ ! ! ! 2 4 5 ! 6 7 10 13 17 18 21 24 27 30 33 34 38
  • BEFORE WE STARTAs you know the World is changing, so are business models. There are many tools to get a company online the smart way. We are now experiencing the existence of living in a World where two realibes represent the two sides of the same coin - there is a digital World and a physical one. People are now used to live both sides of the coin. There is no big dierence if we act and live online or oine. This is why we are all used to look up for answers, prices, friends and even jobs and places in digital arenas such as blogs, furums and Facebook. This is why companies are now facing their own new business reality: the digital World is World where they dont just need to be, the need to be there the CORRECT way. Lets make this easier - the old fashioned web site is no longer the one-way tool we need to run our business with. There is much more out there waibng for our company. Companies now need a digital alter-ego capable of showing and selling products, nding new markets and business opportunibes and new customers. Furthermore, this alter-ego needs to be based on the correct markebng strategy and develop real results. The aim of this guide is to provide you all the necessary tools to develop your Automobve business the smart way. Enjoy. !Salvatore Thomas Carb - DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER
  • HOW TO USE THIS GUIDEThis guide is a collection of practical tips to set your Digital Automotive Marketing Strategy. ! This guide will help you to: ! - Establish the correct Digital presence; - Develop a Digital Marketing Strategy - Find new customers through Facebook, blogs and much more. ! In order to do that, you will be guided through a series of steps followed by practical daily exercises. Change your business in 10 days! ! ! #TIP1 This guide has been created to provide you technical steps to get your Automotive business online through Digital Marketing. However feel free to use it to get ideas, develop models without reading it as a book. ! ! No matter they way you use it I hope it will help you! Each daily step is divided into sub- sections: ! 1. WHAT TO DO The theory behind the step, get to know your new Digital philosophy. ! 2. HOW TO DO IT We like to make it practical. Each step will be made reality. ! 3. LETS PRACTICE Theres no glory without practice! ! ! !
  • DIGITAL MODE STEP 1Get your mind on
  • Step 1 - Get your mind on Digital Mode - Automotive is online Its now time to face it: the Automotive industry is more Digital than ever. ! During the last Geneva Motor Show Mercedes announced a partnership with Google while Ferrari named Apple as Digital partner to make future cars internet based. ! Drivers worldwide are soon going to be used to get info directly from their cars. They will be able to find solutions, auto body shops, car repair providers while driving. ! Automotive is getting digital, hows your business preparing to that? ! I know its hard to believe. We were used to think of Automotive as a physical market. However the new reality is that this market more than others is now online. Dont panic. First of all we need to re-think our business facing this new reality, asking ourselves a few easy questions: ! 1. Have I ever thought about getting my business online? 2. Do I have an updated website? 3. Have my Company Digital tools ever made me make money? 4. Do I already have the Digital Know-How to make my Automotive company grow? WHAT TO DO HOW TO DO IT
  • 1. Have I ever thought of getting my business online? ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ! 2. Do I have an updated website? Answer this question taking a look to your competitors websites and make notes. Date of creation: _____________________________ Elements I could work on (such as online quotation) ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ ! 3. Have my Company Digital tools ever made me make money? Write down which tools where useful in you company case. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ LETS PRACTICE Step 1 - Get your mind on Digital Mode - Automotive is online ! ! ! 4. Do I already have the Digital Know-How to make my Automotive company grow? ! Do I know how to use Facebook for Business? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ ! Do I have company blogging know-how? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ ! Do I know my Digital Marketing Goals? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________
  • Step 2 - Get your mind on Digital Mode - Lets Focus! We know part of our Automotive business future is online. ! Its now time to focus on the main aspect of this future: goals. ! Prior to see what the available tools are or think about which strategy you will use, we need to focus on your digital goals. ! Goals, as you know, play a pivotal role on every business project. ! If you know where you wanna go its going to be easier to find the right path! ! Once more you will need to sit down an answer a few questions. ! When it comes to Digital Automotive Marketing you have no limits in term of opportunities. ! There is no real Digital difference in aiming for new customers, create a strong brand identity or set up a new business branch. ! However what you need first are strong ideas and clear goals. ! Lets focus on this point practicing on the next page! WHAT TO DO HOW TO DO IT
  • 1. Which goals do you aim to achieve through digital marketing? Mark your choices! - Find new customers - Present new services - Sell services online - Sell products online - Create an online customer service - Create an online customer after-sale experience - Establish a Digital Brand identity ! 2. Now rate your choices from the least to the most important! a. _______________________________________ b. _______________________________________ c. _______________________________________ d. _______________________________________ e. _______________________________________ f. _______________________________________ g. _______________________________________ ! LETS PRACTICE! ! 3. Write down a few lines about the reasons why choices (a) (b) and (c) are key on your business. _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ ! Step 2 - Get your mind on Digital Mode - Lets Focus!
  • Step 3 - Get your mind on Digital Mode - Business Timing Good job so far! I am sure you are doing great on setting your mind on Digital mode! However it is now time to set your Digital steps so: keep yourself focused! ! On this chapter we talk about timing. Projects and ideas without planning and a correct timing are going to remain untouchable. Lets work on how you aim to reach you Digital automotive goals and the amount of time you will need to succeed! ! You can start thinking of your Digital marketing business timing as a line. ! On this line you will set the steps youll work on the next days. ! This exercise will help you to write down steps and ideas and get organized. ! Feel free to use your business unit of measurement - if you feel you need weeks or months to develop one step its no mistake. Make sure you write down your goals and the right timing you aim to reach, this point will help you to feel your project as feasible! WHAT TO DO HOW TO DO IT
  • LETS PRACTICE This line represents your Digital Automotive Marketing project. Write your goals above the line on a chronological order. You will write the appropriate timing under the line in correspondence to each goal. The follow